10 Unique Traits Top Bloggers Share

Top bloggers often stumble into their online success, but when you look at the traits that popular bloggers have in common, you’ll realize that good fortune only played a small part in their stories. Top bloggers actually share a number of unique traits that give them the attitude, drive, passion, and thick-skin needed to succeed in the online world.

Ten of these common traits are described below. Take a look through them to see if you have what it takes to be a top blogger. Remember, these traits are common among many top bloggers, but there are exceptions to every rule. Many people succeed with or without these traits. Furthermore, if you don’t think these traits describe you right now, you can work toward adding them to your personality, work ethic, and daily life, which might boost your chance at blogging success.

1. A Passion for a Topic

Top bloggers love what they blog about. Considering that top bloggers spend hours each day writing about their topics, communicating with other people about their topics, and thinking about their topics, they better love those topics! Make sure you choose a blog topic that you love, or it will be challenging to become a top blogger.

2. A Willingness to Voice Opinions Online

Top bloggers aren’t afraid to say what they think. Typically, they’re either experts in the topics they blog about or they have personal experience with their blog topics. Therefore, they have strong opinions and they’re not too shy to publish those opinions online for the world to see. They’re also not afraid to defend those opinions when they’re called into question.

3. A Love of Writing

Top bloggers create a lot of content. Much of that content doesn’t even get published on their blogs. They spend time responding to emails, communicating with readers and peers online and offline, and more. They can put together a coherent sentence that’s grammatically correct, and they have great pride in their work.

4. A Social Nature

Top bloggers communicate with people constantly. Whether they’re responding to blog comments or emails from readers, fielding guest post queries, answering press inquiries, or sifting through public relations pitches, they’re always communicating with someone. Top bloggers don’t mind talking to people. In fact, they love it.

5. A Desire to Work Hard

Top bloggers are entrepreneurs. They’re innovators, creative thinkers, problem solvers, and risk takers. They’re leaders, not followers, and they’re willing to work hard to reach their goals.

6. A Love of the Online World and Computers

Top bloggers spend the vast majority of their time each day on their computers or mobile devices creating content, researching, keeping up with news and trends, and communicating with people via the online world. The Internet isn’t a useful tool to them. It’s a way of life.

7. A Desire to Continue Learning

Top bloggers are always trying out new tools and experimenting with new ideas to improve their blogs. They don’t want to stagnate. In fact, not learning is not an option for them. They simply can’t help themselves when it comes to wanting to learn more all the time.

8. A Willingness to Listen to Other Opinions

Top bloggers admit that they don’t have all the answers and they don’t know everything about their blog topics. They’re not so adamant about their opinions that they won’t allow their audience to add their own opinions through comments. In fact, they welcome open debate where everyone can continue to learn even more.

9. A Desire to Educate and Help Others

Top bloggers get asked a lot of questions. If you’re not willing to answer questions and help your readers, then your success is likely to be limited.

10. An Ability to Multitask

Top bloggers wear many hats and are excellent multitaskers. They find ways to streamline processes and work more efficiently so they can get more done. Without this trait, you’ll have trouble reaching the highest levels of success as a blogger.


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