How to Find Free Pictures for Your Blog

Adding visual interest in the form of images is a widely-used method for attracting readers to blog articles. If you’re holding back from spicing up your blog for fear of cost or (gasp) copyright infringement, here’s some advice to get you informed and comfortable with posting images:

Get to Know the Terminology

Unless explicitly noted, any image you find on the internet could be copyrighted, which means you could be held liable for copyright infringement. Are you up for taking that chance? Those of us who prefer to stay legal will typically be looking for images with some form of a Creative Commons license. This license is less restrictive than the traditional “all rights reserved” copyright (to varying degrees). Here’s a breakdown of the terms, acronyms, and icons associated with them, according to Continue reading


How to evaluate a blog – Part 2: Check the numbers

We can discuss blog statistics, visitor trending and referral patterns for days and on end. We don’t need too many figures for a general blog evaluation: only the basic traffic statistics will already give us a good view of:

Make a Scrapbook Blog Background

As ya’ll may have noticed from my constantly changing blog themes, I’m a background making maniac. Like to hear how I do it?

how to make a scrapbook blog background tutorial

The Goodies!

I don’t want to do all the work, I just wanna download the background!!

{ get it here }

I took one look at the tutorial and there’s no way I’m gonna read all that! Just gimme the template, I’ll figure it out myself!

{ download the full PSD file with all the layers }

Now if you’re brave enough… Continue reading

5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Blog


Let’s say that you have a few hours free and you want to dedicate it to your blog. It’s not enough time to take on a major project such as building a new theme or completely redoing your categories/tags (at least not if you have a large site), but you want to do something to make your blog better.

If you find yourself with that blessing, here are five things that you can do right now to improve your blog, all of which take less than an hour and some only take a few minutes.

Best of all, doing these things will, in most cases, have an immediate or near-immediate impact on your site. Making it more approachable with better content.

So here are some ways you can improve your site right now. Continue reading

10 elements of style of blog post writing

The Elements of Style by Strunk and White is recognized as the best book on writing. Stephen King raves about it in his On Writing as a book for anyone who wants to write for a living. This certainly includes bloggers.

Great tips on blog writing

These are the elements of style of blog post writing that I have picked up from reading the book. I believe that they will improve the writing and the success of blog posts of any blogger.

Note how the majority of tips are on simplifying your writing and making it easy to read and understand. Continue reading

10 Fresh, Elegant and Clean WordPress Themes

We like to observe the Web. We like to present fresh ideas, creative solutions and interesting approaches. We like to share them with our readers, making both our personal work and the work of fellows developers easier. Observing creative works of talented designers, you can improve your skills and learn new techniques. However, to do that, you need to keep an eye on fresh and inspiring starting points. We collect them. And present them to you. Every month. So you don’t have to.

Let’s take a look at 5 fresh and elegant and 5 simple WordPress themes you might be willing to use for your next project. Continue reading