Spam blogs, Blogger Content Policy, A summary

While it is great that we can use Blogger to create blogs for free or for a paltry USD$10 a year for a custom domain, one of the worst aspect is that a lot of people are abusing it and Blogger is forced to use automated ways of trying to detect spam blogs or those which infringes the Blogger Content Policy for locking or worst, deletion.

On the other side, Blogger also provide a FLAG button in the navbar for members of the public who chances upon what they think are spam blogs to flag them. For blogs without navbar, Blogger has provided this form to report. Continue reading


New Blogger Tips: Five Ideas to Enhance Your Content

Five Content Blogging Ideas

As bloggers, we know that it’s important to have a variety of content to attract all kinds of readers within our blogging niches. We should strive to keep readers interested in what we have to say, while also encouraging them to interact with and respond to our own posts.

By using our blogs to create active discussion within our blogging community, we can stimulate interesting ideas and activity around our blog, which we can also use togenerate profit for ourselves as well.

Of course, the way we do this is by create excellent content. If this is something that you feel you need help with, then read onward to see five ideas you can use to enhance your content. All of these ideas are concerned with creating specific content features on your blog, which you readers will come to expect each time they visit your site. Continue reading

10 Unique Traits Top Bloggers Share

Top bloggers often stumble into their online success, but when you look at the traits that popular bloggers have in common, you’ll realize that good fortune only played a small part in their stories. Top bloggers actually share a number of unique traits that give them the attitude, drive, passion, and thick-skin needed to succeed in the online world.

Ten of these common traits are described below. Take a look through them to see if you have what it takes to be a top blogger. Remember, these traits are common among many top bloggers, but there are exceptions to every rule. Many people succeed with or without these traits. Furthermore, if you don’t think these traits describe you right now, you can work toward adding them to your personality, work ethic, and daily life, which might boost your chance at blogging success.

1. A Passion for a Topic

Top bloggers love what they blog about. Considering that top bloggers spend hours each day writing about their topics, communicating with other people about their topics, and thinking about their topics, they better love those topics! Make sure you choose a blog topic that you love, or it will be challenging to become a top blogger.

2. A Willingness to Voice Opinions Online

Top bloggers aren’t afraid to say what they think. Typically, they’re either experts in the topics they blog about or they have personal experience with their blog topics. Therefore, they have strong opinions and they’re not too shy to publish those opinions online for the world to see. They’re also not afraid to defend those opinions when they’re called into question. Continue reading

Guest Blogger

Essential Qualities You Need to Look for in a Guest Blogger

#1. Niche Expertise

Perfect Guest Blogger

While choosing a guest writer, the very first thing you should check out is their expertise around a particular niche. The quality of a writer’s guest post actually depends on the kind of expertise or topic specialization they carry. There’s a lot of difference between a ‘freelance writer’ and a ‘niche expert’. You need to work with a guest writer who really knows about the stuff they talk about.

Do you want to work with a ‘freelance writer’ or someone that’s an expert in a specific niche? This is for you to decide!

#2. Social Media Profile
Working with guest authors can also prove to be a great traffic booster for your blog. Think what happens when you choose a guest blogger that has around 35,000 followers on Twitter, over 1,000 connections on LinkedIn and more than 3,000 friends on Facebook. You can use their network to promote your blog posts and attract a good amount of traffic quickly.

So, it’s wise to have a look at the social media profiles of a guest blogger before you choose to work with them. Continue reading

20 beautiful blogger design for your under construction site

Although there is not any content in your blog yet, Under construction templates are useful to inform your visitors, you are going to start your blog soon.This list contains more than 20 beautiful blogger design for your under construction site. Many templates are included Feedburner email subscriptions, social buttons, a countdown timer. Subscribe button useful to allow users to follow your progress.

You can download all of these blogger templates for free.These free Blogger templates are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License,which permits both personal and commercial use.However, to satisfy the ‘attribution’ clause of the license, you are required to keep the footer links intact which provides due credit to its authors. For more specific details about the license, you may visit the URL below:

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Tips for New Bloggers

1) Find a community of bloggers with similar interests. Do you like to write about video games, fashion, cooking? There are lots of great blogs on those topics already. A quick Google search for “fashion blogs” helped me round out my reading list. I always check out the blog rolls of people whose blogs I enjoy, and I also visit the blogs of folks who comment on my blog. Bottom line: interact with bloggers whose blogs you enjoy. You’ll learn so much, I promise. This leads me to my next point… Continue reading