Top 10 free PC programs everyone should have

There are millions of free and open source projects available, many of them better than any commercially available product. Below is a short listing of what we think is the best out there, broken down into ten categories.

antivirus and malware protection

Most PC users realize that they need protection on their computer or may have an installed antivirus program from their computer manufacturer. What most don’t realize is that there are free programs that are just as good and in some cases better than the commercial products. Below are our recommendations Continue reading


Desktop buying tips


Purchasing a home or business computer can be a big and sometimes costly decision. Below is a listing of helpful suggestions on what to look for and what to ask when purchasing a new computer.

New vs. refurbished or used

If you’re looking to save money buying a used or refurbished computer can save you a lot of money. A refurbished computer is a computer that has been returned to the company has been checked out as good but cannot be sold again as new. All major computer manufacturers will have a refurbished section showing all their available refurbished products. Buying one of these computers instead of a new computer can save you hundreds of dollars. Continue reading

Display multiple clocks in Windows

Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 support the ability to have multiple clocks with different time zones, as shown in the below example, which shows the local time, Eastern Time, and time in India. To add more than one clock, click the Change date and time settings… and then in the Date and Time window, as shown below click the Additional Clocks tab. In the Additional Clocks tab, check the first Show this clock box, then select the time zone for the second clock, and the name of the clock. If you want more than two clocks repeat the same steps for the third clock. Once all clocks have been enabled click OK and now when hovering over the time and date in the Taskbar or clicking on the time you should see all new time zones. Continue reading

Cleaning the computer and its components


Cleaning your computer and your computer components and peripherals helps keep the components and computer in good working condition and helps keep the computers from spreading germs. To the right is an example image of how dirty the inside of your computer case can get. This example is a dirty computer case fan.

Depending on the environment that your computer operates in determines how often you should clean your computer case. The below list is our recommendation and may change depending upon your computer’s environment.

How often should I clean my computer? Continue reading

PC Hardware Troubleshooting Tips

Though they tend to cause some of the nastiest symptoms—computers that won’t boot, scary and/or confusing error messages, etc.—computer hardware problems are usually the easiest type of problems to solve. The trick, as with all troubleshooting ventures, is to figure out where to start and then focus your efforts. Continue reading

Keep your website secure

The number of services that provide security to a website does give a distinct advantage for website owners. This of course must receive attention so that the services provided by web security to provide protection to the fullest. You may often find it difficult to choose the best service that you often find. If a website is well protected, then this is the goal of all owners of the website, where security is guaranteed with all data and files on the website can be spared from a “cracker” is often done by people who are not responsible. Continue reading